The Largest Lights and Lanterns Festival in the World! Absolutely Beautiful, Incredible Memories, Amazing experience, A magical night of fun!


This wonderful lights and Lanterns Festival is coming to DC Metro area!

Amazing beautiful pictures about this lights and lantern Festival

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“LightUp Festival” – is coming to Washington DC Metro Area at One Loudoun

The “LightUp Festival” is an international lights and lanterns festival that combines traditional Chinese lanterns with modern lighting technology. As the largest light show held in North America to date, this Festival is not only a mix of old and new but also a mix of Chinese and America’s culture. With 77 stunning displays split into blocks, the Lights of the World promises a magical night for everyone that visits.

The displays are groups in 4 modules: Tour of Fantasy, Freedom America, Mysterious East, and Magical World:

Come to experience the astonishing shows! It will be rare life time experience!